Precision Measuring Tools  

Precision Measuring Tools has a large assortment of tools for the machining industry from micrometers, verniers, height sticks, distance measuring, angle measuring, thread measuring, to name a few. We offer very competitive prices to go with free shipping and excellent service. Come and visit our website and browse our assortment of products.

Featured Products

Precision Measuring Tools is a website jam packed with all kinds of different measuring tools for your shop made of the highest quality materials. The tools are described fully to give you a great idea of what each one of the precision measuring tools looks like and what it can do. A lot of the tools have not only a description of the tool but instructions on how to use them. As an example, take a micrometer and use it to measure accurately, you must use the racquet on the end of the spindle which gives you a repeatable pressure on the piece you are measuring and you will always get the same accurate measurement of your piece. A great place to store your precision measuring tools is in a stand alone tool box which you can find on our website. There is an assortment of toolboxes to choose from to suit your needs. We have a wide variety of cutting tools for your shop from drills, to end mills, to taps for threading holes as required. Do you need engravers or high speed mini grinders, check out the assortment on our website. Precision Measuring Tools isn’t just a website for great measuring tools for your shop, but we also carry all the necessary tools to help you make the tools you need to measure. So check us out for all your needs for your machine shop as there are an abundance of Precision Measuring Tools to browse through on our website. Happy Browsing!!!