1/4" 105 Degree Right Angle Driver



  • Package Content: 3 Pcs 1/4 Inch Hex Shank Screwdriver Bit Holder 2″ 4″ 6″ Extension Set + 105 Degree Right Angle Driver Angle Extension Power Screwdriver Drill Attachment
  • Multifunction: 1 Pack inculde 2 different most useful tools,used in the installation of pneumatic screwdriver, electric screwdriver, pneumatic drill, manual screwdriver and other installation for the hexagonal tool .It is a good accessory for conversion.
  • Application: 1/4″ 105 Degree Right Angle Driver Socket Holder Adaptor,which is quick change compatible and fits most power drill, rechargeable drill, manual wrench and driver chucks
  • Application: 1/4 Inch Hex Shank Magnetic Extension Chuck Adapter Quick Release Bar Socket Screwdriver Bit Holder | 60mm/ 100mm/ 150mm Length,Suitable for electric, pneumatic screwdrivers and other screwdriver bits of power tools, drill extended.
  • High Quality: Super Strong Heat Treated Chrome Vanadium Steel for Normal & Impact Drivers. Durable,Lasting and easy to use,Lightweight, fast, connect to the standard hex nut drivers, impact hole saws, spade bits and more

Size :1/4″ 105 Degree Right Angle Driver

Technical Details:

Product description:

Size :1/4″ 105 Degree Right Angle Driver

PACKAGE: 1 x 105 Degree Angle Drill Adapter
The gears are mounted in a die cast with 3 durable ball bearings. Strong builtin magnetic locking socket holds,avoid falling.
Designs for tight spaces, extends the power of a cordless screwdriver, max torque: 10n/m
Chrome plated,convenient,quickly changed, durable, long lasting and easy to use. perfect handy tool for hard-to-reach areas, 360 Degree parallel adjustment.

Angle Power Extension:
It’s good for wrench and power drill, rechargeable drill or manual wrench.Light weight, fast, connect to the standard hex screwdriver.
90 degrees to operate to twist screws and nuts,easy to use.With magnet and lock device,the batch of head and sleeve will not fall.

Note: Please adjust the torque to a minimum when using the electric screwdriver. Do not rely on it to tighten the screws if the hand drill is used.
Finally, you must tighten the angle driver adapter manually, or the gear will be broken off.

PACKAGE: 1 * 60mm Magnetic Drill Bit Holder ; 1 * 100mm Magnetic Drill Bit Holder ; 1 * 150mm Magnetic Drill Bit Holder
Colour: Black + Silver; Material: Stainless Steel + Chrome; Shank Shape: 1/4inch Hex Shank
Advantage: Magnetic Screwdriver Bit Holder, Knurling For Large Torque

Reaching places where hands can not normally reach into; which also holders very handy and flexible
Suitable for power drill, screwdriver, batch head,handheld screwdriver and other to transfer. Extend all kinds of screwdriver bits,
screwdriver head conversion uses; Fast, fastening; durable, quick change with high efficiency, Strong magnetism, limit the screwdriver’s position and adjustable