6 Pcs Outside Micrometer Tool Set



  • Outside micrometer with choice of measuring range and flat anvil/spindle pair for general purpose measuring.
  • Vernier scale has microfine 0.0001″ graduations and accuracy of 0.0001″ for precise readings
  • Ratchet stop thimble provides exact and repetitive readings, satin chrome finish on thimble and sleeve helps resist rust and reduce glare
  • Friction or ratchet-stop thimble provide exact and repetitive readings
  • Fixed handle and ratchet thimble for precise application of pressure on object.

Product Specifications:

6 Pcs Outside Micrometer Tool Set

Ean 7894789938561
Part Number Outside Micrometer Round 6 set
Size 0-6″ 6 set
Specification Met

Specification: 6 Pcs Outside Micrometer Tool Set