Carbide Wood Lathe Tools



  • PRODUCT ACCESSORIES: You will get 1 round turning tool, 1 diamond turning tool, 1 square turning tool, 1 gooseneck hollow tool, 1 assembled tool holder, 1 exquisite storage box
  • EASY TO USE – Very simplified learning by turning, no complicated angles to learn and remember, for all skill levels, woodworking or DIY enthusiasts. Each tool is beautifully coated for durability
  • DURABLE: When the blade is dull, just replace it with a new edge. When all the edges are dull, replace it with a new blade
  • Material: Tungsten Carbide, Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel
  • NICE GIFT: The packaging is exquisite and can be used as a good gift for friends who like woodworking

Product information – Carbide Wood Lathe Tools

Technical Details

Product description

Description: Carbide Wood Lathe Tools

Round turning tool
Quickly turned and hollowed to the desired shape with this tool
Matching indexable 12mm round carbide tipped

Square turning tool
Makes roughing faster, simpler and safer
Matching indexable square11 × 11 mm carbide inserts

Gooseneck hollow tool
You will find it is easy to complete hollow forms with our swan neck hollower tool
Matching indexable 12mm round carbide replacement cutter

Diamond turning tool
Perfectly to small intricate detail work, will be used on every turning
Matching indexable 10 × 30mm carbide blades

When a cutter gets dull, just flip it over to work with a new edge. Changes only take seconds!
The handle features an anti-vibration grip and a tool-less front chuck system. To change the cutter shaft, simply unscrew the chuck collet to remove and / or insert a cutter shaft and tighten the collar. Now you are ready to spin!
The handle is hollow and features a removable cap to add a longer handle extension if desired.
All four cutting shafts have a circle, square or diamond-shaped carbide insert cutter attached to their ends with a T15 screw. Shafts are finely machined with milled flat bottoms and two beveled sides to provide additional stability on other tools while rotating larger parts.
The flat bottom aligns with the cutter to keep it in a flat position for scrape cutting. The two beveled sides provide additional support when the cutter is moved to an askew position for shear cutting.
Tho option of having adjustability to the length of the tool versus a fixed handle is convenient, depending on the size of the work you are turning.
The turning tool is very durable, square knife can be rotated 4 times,round knife can be rotated 5-8 times,diamond knife can be rotated 2 times.

Package List:
1 X Carbide Wood Lathe Tool Set