Electronic Vernier Long Jaw



◆ The long claws of the Electronic Vernier Long Jaw are inserted into the deep holes to measure the inner diameter and the diameter of the stepped holes. The extended claws can overlap and the position can be cleared at any position. Relative measurement and origin measurement are very convenient. It is a must-have micrometer measurement tool that can be done quickly. Easily get measurements.

◆ Feature:
1. This Electronic Vernier Long Jaw is made of a first-class stainless steel and is machined with high precision to prevent any burrs and sharp edges.
2. Extended claws can overlap and clear at any position.
3. Easy to read in inches and mm by pressing the blue button on the top.
4. Shows instant readings with digital numbers, much more convenient.
5. Ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip.
6. It is a good helper for measuring tools. Can be inserted into deeper holes to measure inner diameter, stepped hole diameter.

Specs: Electronic Vernier Long Jaw

Ruler material: high quality stainless steel.
Cover material: plastic.
Resolution: 0.01mm.
Measuring range: 18-200mm.
Product accuracy: ±0.06/0.08mm.
Product packaging; wooden box packaging.

◆ Package includes: 1 x Long Claws Digital Caliper.

◆ Tips:
Vernier caliper is a precise measurement tool, should be handled gently, avoid fierce collision or dropping to the ground.