Face Mill Holder + Milling Cutter



  • Made of cemented carbide, which has high hardness with good impact resistance.
  • High speed: rotary and milling feed speeds are 3 times faster than normal milling cutters.
  • New coating technology is adopted on the surface, which has good oxidation resistance and high temperature resistance, it can be used for a long time.
  • Machining Range: precision machining, rough machining, plane processing and step processing.
  • It is an ideal tool kit for heavy CNC milling.

Technical Details

Face Mill Holder + Milling Cutter

Product description: Face Mill Holder + Milling Cutter

Type: BAP400R-50-22(End Mill), MT2-FMB22 (Face Mill Holder), APMT1604 (Carbide Inserts)
Material: cemented carbide
Weight: Approx.942g/ 33.2oz
Diameter: 50mm/ 2in
Height: 45mm/ 1.8in
Bore diameter: 22mm/ 0.9in

Package List:
1 * End Milling Cutter
1 * Face Mill Holder
1 * T15 Wrench
10 * Carbide Inserts with box

Please allow slight error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding.