Tungsten Carbide Inserts Set



  • This Combination will give you a replacement carbide inserts for most popular brand Different shapes Size woodturning tools
  • Sizes and shapes: square (15x15x2.5mm-R100),Round(18mm diameter), Diamond (28x10mm with shape point)
  • With a standard countersink and a 30 or 35 degree cutting angle, these insert can remove a large amount of material very quickly
  • The Tungsten Carbide Inserts Set is supplied with screws and well packed with a nice container Box
  • The perfect grade of carbide provides the best combination of the sharpness and durability. Polished to a mirror finish for smoother cutting and longer tool life.

Product information – Tungsten Carbide Inserts Set

Technical Details

Product description


Material: Tungsten carbide


If you don’t need this combination, we have a lot of such combinations, and you can pick it up by YUFUTOL, for example:

1. Round carbide inserts 6pcs: 8.9mm, 11mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm;

2. 15mm Square carbide inserts with Radius 4pcs: 11×11×2.0mm-R50,15×15×2.5mm-R50,15×15×2.5mm-R100,15×15×2.5mm-R150;

3. Mini Size 5pcs:10.5×10.5×1.5mm,11×11×2.0mm-R50,8.9mm Round, 12mm Round,28×10mm Diamond with sharp Point;

4. Full Size 5pcs:14×14×2.0mm,15×15×2.5mm-4R0.5,15×15×2.5mm-R50,16mm Round,28×10mm Diamond with radius Point;

5. Full Size 3pcs:15×15×2.5mm-R100,18mm Round,28×10mm Diamond with sharp Point;

6. Middle Size:15×15×2.5mm,16mm Round,28×10mm Diamond with radius Point;

7. Mid mini Size:11×11×2.0mm-R50,12mm Round,28×10mm Diamond with sharp Point;

8. Round carbide inserts 2pcs:12mm,16mm;

9. Diamond carbide inserts 2pcs:28×10mm Diamond with radius Point and with sharp Point;

10. 15mm Square carbide inserts 2pcs:15×15×2.5mm-R100,15×15×2.5mm;

11. Mini Square carbide inserts 2pcs: 10.5×10.5×1.5mm, 11×11×2.0mm-R50;

12. Round carbide inserts 2pcs:8.9mm,15mm.

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