Wood Turning Tool Set of 3



  • Indexable Replacement carbide insert design: matched with Carbide Insert, Indexable give you fresh edge for maximum cutter life,AT03 carbide inserts in our Amazon store
  • Including Finisher/Hollower/Detailer Tools with Matched Carbide insert and screw
  • Mid Size Tool Details: CNC machined from square High carbon steel, making them stronger, stiffer and less likely to roll than round shaft tools, Features a square shaft so the flat back can be kept flat on the tool rest and level with the floor
  • Replaceable Handle:Match 1 pc. black aluminum alloy handle. Of course, you can also make the handle by yourself
  • Material: aluminum alloy, High carbon steel, Tungsten Carbide

Product information

Style: Wood Turning Tool Set of 3

Technical Details

Product description

Style: Wood Turning Tool Set of 3


Product description:

  1. Brand: Asieg Tool
  2. Material: aluminum alloy, High carbon steel, Tungsten Carbide
  3. Shape of Cutter: Diamond, Round and Square
  4. Shape of Bar: Square
  5. Shape of Joint:Round
  6. Joint Length: 40mm
  7. Length of Bar: 8.66″(220mm)
  8. Round Joint Diameter: 0.472″(12mm)
  9. Length of Handle:11.8″(300mm)

Packing list: 

  • 1 x Interchangeable aluminum alloy Grip Handle
  • 1 x Rougher Bar with 15mm Square Carbide Insert(Radius Edges)
  • 1 x Swan Hollower Bar with 12mm Round Carbide Insert
  • 1 x Detailer Bar with Sharp Diamond Carbide Insert
  • 3 x Screws
  • 1 x star key wrench of T20
  • 1 x star key wrench of T15

More Features:

  1. Ideal for giving you a smooth finish on curved, concave surfaces , hollowing jobs and for general turning applications
  2. Cutter rotates give you numerous fresh edges without sharpening
  3. Compared with steel the solid carbide stays sharp for longer


  1. When you on working, please remember to protect your eyes from flying debris!
  2. Please don’t let children touch it.